Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Walking Your Children to Moloch

I read a scary article in our local newspaper the other day. Was it about child molesters, rape and pillage by foreigners invading our land, or even the criminal mismanagement of our tax dollars? No, it was much worse than that. It encouraged daddies to walk their children to the government school on opening day.

Mmmm, mmm, mmm. What an idea! It's promoted as a way for daddies to show they care for those young'uns. Yessir, I guarantee it was written just that way.

Now I know a bit about government schools, having had the misfortune to teach in one. And while that little elementary school down the block might not look like the mouth of Moloch's furnace, darlin', I promise you it is. It just takes 12 long years to consume all the sweet little Sammies you leave at the door. I guarantee you won't recognize the ashes blown out at the other end.

Salt and Light, I've been told. That's what our little Christian darlin's are to be through that fire. But you know and I know that Sammie is easy to fool, kinda like his daddy was before he found the Lord. He'd trust the devil himself if he showed up with a video game in his hand.

So, daddy! You with the clean overalls on as you head out the door with little Sammie's damp hand clutched in yours, TURN AROUND! And mama! Tug on your husband's arm and beg him for the privilege of teaching that tyke at home.

Don't go leading that trusting little guy up the hill, or don't be surprised when his sweet blond curls start to roll up and crisp when the first heat hits him once he walks through that door.