Saturday, November 26, 2005

Grade Check

Well, I can't say that Janette failed for the sake of her politically incorrect project, but that C+ in the sea of A's her other teachers gave her on her progress report does kinda stick out like a sore thumb. Nothing more has been said to her by the teacher, either, who has moved on to actual course content. (hallelujah!)

Ian, on the other hand, has more than one F on his progress report, but that's nothing new. He's a terribly bright boy who hasn't yet learned that you can't put everything off to the last minute. It will be interesting when they bring the returned projects to me.

So I guess the teacher thought once, and then twice, about making life more difficult for these two.

But maybe she was thinking a lawsuit might follow...



Anonymous said...

So ...if you were really a truthful person, wouldn't you tell your school district your white supremacist views and be proudly fired? As it is, you are being paid by the state and federal tax dollars of asian, hispanic, and black taxpayers as wel as your beloved whites. It makes me sick that children are exposed to you and your lying hypocritical ways. As a fellow white person, it makes me pleased that you and your idiotic kind are demographically helpless against the increasing wave of intermarriage that is changing the color of America, you stupid racist! Ha ha there is nothing you can do!