Saturday, December 31, 2005

Holiday Gift from my Daddy

Most folks 'round here know that my daddy and I don't always see eye-to-eye, especially about football. He and Mama watch it incessantly, sometimes on two TVs at a time so they don't miss anything when they walk from room to room. Me, I see a television and am overwhelmed with the desire to TURN IT OFF, especially if it's a football game. I mean, music is more pleasant, especially Dixie Broadcasting, my favorite.

But I've learned to look the other way when we're together, because I know they love the game and the medium, TV. Also, Daddy doesn't see so well these days, so reading is limited and he needs something to fill up all the space in his mind so he doesn't get extra grouchy, if you know what I mean. Bless his heart, he's become so grouchy that he reminds me of the main character in On Golden Pond, and that defines the term "grouch".

Well, I was visiting with them the other day and that entertainment machine segued from their favorite, football, to the local news briefs. The news anchor was blathering along as they are prone to do, some crime of great import committed by a person of another ethnicity, when one line she said seemed to jump out louder than all the rest. "...Local _______________ (fill in the ethnicity here) protest that the accusations are racist in nature..."

My daddy shifted in his recliner and looked me straight in the eye and laughed in that sarcastic way he always laughs. "Racist. huh? Don't they realize that ALL races are racist? Every single one?" Then he went back to his TV viewing, his eyes glazing over as I watched. The game was back on again.

I couldn't hardly breathe for the surprise I felt. He understood!

Merry Christmas, Daddy! and thanks for the gift.