Sunday, April 30, 2006

With Thanks to Warren Harding

"The home is at last not merely the center, but truly the aim, the object and the purpose of all human organization. We do not seek to improve society in order that from better homes we may bring forth better servants of the state, more efficient cannon fodder for its armed forces; rather, we seek to make better homes in order that we may avoid the necessity for conflict and turmoil in our world.

"The home is the apex and the aim, the end rather than the means of our whole social system. So far as this world knows or can vision, there is no attainment more desireable than the happy and contented home."

--President Warren Harding

At least one President got it right.

How sad to live in a time where his words are turned on their ends, where being a servant of the state or really first-rate cannon fodder is considered more honorable than being the head and helpmeet of a happy and contented home.

Dreaming of a better day,