Monday, May 29, 2006

The Virtuous Lady

To revere a minister to the point of accepting the idea that no matter that the minister has been deposed for cause by his denomination his calling is to be honored is not to be a virtuous lady, but to be a blindered mule.

And to twist the 5th commandment from Honor thy Father and Mother to honor an unworthy son is to twist God's word.

Have people forgotten the T in Tulip? The total depravity of mankind?

God bless those who seek righteousness.


Scorebored said...

Superb point, my friend. There is no virtue in behaving like an ecclesiastical lemming.

Fresh, unpredictable insights are rare and prized things in the blogging world. You offer such insights, and I hope you will be able to post more often.

MC Bradley said...

I would deem you well qualified to provide those ladies with an example.