Monday, June 19, 2006

My policy on comments...

I read a number of blogs, some of which I agree with and some of which I don't agree with. Some blogs are places where lively discussions take place with strong and sometimes logical positions taken on each side of the aisle. Other blogs' comment areas are just flamewars.

This got me thinking about the purpose of my blog, and the purpose of allowing comments here. I will try to explain.

My blog is not a place where theology is discussed in depth. I am not trained in it, although I appreciate very much those with greater understanding than mine. It is not a place where I state the final word on all things Kinist and expect the rest of the world to go along with my ideas. My blog is a place where I can ponder the nature of actions and consequences. I write about my observations, the things I see occurring around me. These are my personal observations, and I am sure many people don't agree with me, which leads me to my policy on comments.

Because my observations are personal, I moderate comments. This means that commenters who indulge in name-calling, poorly thought out deductions based on the things I have written, or speculations on the color of my neck will find that their comments never make it to blogger daylight. Less than mannerly posts, spam, and threats will be ignored.

So what kind of comments will I allow? The kind of comments that would not embarrass your great-aunt Evelyn! She always was a dainty flower, even in her youth, and had a fondness for intelligence and wit, as do I. She insisted upon perfect spelling and grammar as well. I, however, allow the occasional malapropism or typo. So think of her when you write! Her lavender-scented presence is never far from my sweetly curtained window into blogland.

God bless,