Friday, July 14, 2006

And the Wheel of Fortune Stops at...

The last few weeks have been more than miserable for Little Miss' Mama, who has become convinced that the current health insurance system in the U S of A needs to be completely revamped. At first it felt like a merry-go-round, from insurance web site to phone calls to talking to the not-so-intelligent front desk ladies at multiple doctors' offices, back to insurance company phone calls, to consultations with our family practice doctor, general surgeons, ENT surgeons, etc., etc., on ad infinitum.

Little Miss' Mama was feeling pretty much like she'd tripped in a revolving door and was lying there on the floor with each of the rapidly rotating door panels hitting her in the head as it spun around. Now, this was a feeling she wasn't too fond of, if you know what I mean, and it was compounded by the dastardly heat wave here in the land of LaLa, where no one needs air conditioning because "California's weather is PERFECT!" Sure. Right. Tell that to Little Miss and her Mama laying in their beds sweating in the dark each night while the inadequate fans attempt to move the air around. Tell that to the dreams of disaster floating in Mama's head each night, the dreams where the worst qualified surgeon is the one doing the surgery on her baby with a kitchen implement looking something like a sharp-edged ice cream scoop. Nasty dreams, sleepless nights.

But perhaps the revolving door has changed into the Wheel of Fortune at last, because the ENT surgeon recommended she see the Famous Thyroid Surgeon at the Famous Cancer Center, and even managed to get an appointment with him the next day. When the poor peons had called the Famous Doctor's office last week, they had been told he wasn't accepting appointments until late fall. Guess you have to be in the old boy doctor's network to move heaven and earth like that, but Little Miss' Mama and Little Miss ain't complainin', no how, no way. The Famous Doctor took her case, and the surgery should take place soon enough to let Little Miss recuperate enough to start her classes on time this August.

So...the Wheel of Fortune seems to have settled in a slot Little Miss and her Mama need for now...

God bless,


Mrs. Blessed said...

Laurel, I am praying hard for you. I imagine you are in a lot of agony right now. God is good and He will take care of your little girl, but it is hard, so hard, to let Him.


~~Mrs. Blessed