Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Demonstrated Mercy

Just wanted you all to know that Little Miss is now home from the hospital and resting peacefully in her own bed. She got through the surgery in fine shape (they only removed the lobe of the thyroid where the original combo cyst-nodule was), and the preliminary pathology report is much better than expected. Unless something is found during the final labs, it would appear that there is no cancer! So either the first biopsy was wrong (and all three labs that confirmed the results, including the fancy teaching hospital she had her surgery at) or the Lord has chosen to make His mercy known in a direct way.

I choose to believe the latter, and I am most grateful to the Lord for His demonstrated mercy, although I am a little tired (actually I think the word is exhausted) from all the hoopla.

Pray, please for Little Miss' swift recovery and successful return to college. Thanks for the depth of your caring and your sustained prayers.

God bless,


larswife said...

Laurel: This is great news indeed! We raise our voices with you to the Lord, our Great Physician, for His swift and sure healing. We will continue to keep you and Little Miss in our prayers. Get some rest!!

David McCrory said...

Praise the Lord for His merciful kindness. We rejoice with you in your recovery. I pray it goes well.