Friday, August 04, 2006

The Final Pathology Results are in...

Well, the final pathology on Little Miss' thyroid is not quite as trouble-free as we thought. She DID have a tiny 3mm microcarcinoma, which of course was completely removed. Her surgeon says these tiny ones don't really require any further treatment, although we will keep an eye on the other lobe that wasn't removed and get ultrasounds every six months for a while. Chances are very good there will be no further occurrence.

The surgeon also says it is just amazing that the biopsy doctor managed to hit that little thing as accurately as he did. I think God guided his hand, because Little Miss needed to get that little puppy out!

She is recuperating well, although she is still sleeping a lot. She is very self-conscious of the sutures on her neck (daughter of Frankenstein effect). She stays up for a few hours and then naps for a few.

Thanks,as always, for your prayers.


David McCrory said...

Your welcome. I pray you will continue to heal well, and that nothing more will be found. I hope your ready for the next school year!

Mrs. Blessed said...

Laurel, thank the Lord that the microcarcinoma was found and removed! I am glad that your daughter is home now and recuperating with you.

God bless you and yours,

~~Mrs. Blessed

MC Bradley said...


Tell Little Miss a scar is a badge of honor. Neosporin might help with that, but if you haven't already, a trip to a dermatologist would probably procure something even better.