Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mixed-up Mixed Race

Teenagers always seem to be searching for their identities, and mixed-race teens are no slackers in that department. If anything it seems to ramp up the intensity of the search, and teachers get drawn into some awkward conversations with the wide-eyed and immature.

But that's par for the course, we expect those conversations. Tact and encouragement are things we try very hard to offer to the kids, no matter how wide-eyed and immature the person on the receiving end is.

One afternoon a boy I would never have pegged as being of mixed ethnicities asked me, "Miss Laurel, who's your favorite black musician?" His wide brown eyes held a hint of teacher challenge, so I thought it wisest to answer with inquiry. "Well, I don't really think too much about that subject, Aaron. There are a lot of good musicians out there. Mostly I just like the music or I don't. Why is the color of a musician's skin so important to you?"

His eyebrows drew together in a puzzled manner, as if he had been wondering that very thing for a long, long time. "Well, Miss Laurel, my dad is black and my mom is white, and all my life all I've been able to think about is skin color." His face had lost all challenge and he looked lost, and much younger than he actually was. That is, except for his eyes, great dark pools full of oily pain.

The only description I can give for the feeling I had then was pity. Pity for this boy and the suffering he had to endure as a result of the choices of his parents. Pity for all the children I've heard say something similar, harsher, or worse, many children with similar sad eyes who I've tried to comfort.


, n.

[The Latin,Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages unite pity and piety in the same word, and the word may be from the root of compassion; L. patior, to suffer.]

There could be no pity if someone didn't suffer, and there is no cure that I can offer.


Evil Ed said...

Hi Laurel,

I've encountered such sad cases dozens of times over in California over the past 15 years, as well as in Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona where I've worked stints. The culture here in the Southwest, where Whites are a weak and dwindling minority, is so vigorously and abusively anti-White, so steeped in White self-hatred, that quite a few naive, foolish young White girls (and a few White boys as well) come to believe that the only way they can "be right" is to refuse to have kids with fellow Whites, and have only mulatto children with Blacks.

Of course, in the vast majority of cases, their Black sugar daddies, after knocking up these naive pretty young stupid White girls, soon enough abandom them to raise their Black children on their own-- and then go on to knock up and abandon other naive young girls, both White and Black. The kids grow up resentful as you suggest, confused about their identity-- and in general, grow up hating any notion of Whiteness (which they identity with their deluded, stupid mothers) and consider themselves Black.

In a sense, it's the ultimate Machiavellian evolutionary strategy for Blacks at the expense of Whites-- set up in a culture where Whites are wallowing in self-hatred with a weak sense of their Western identity, knock up their girls when they're young and naive, abandon the girls to raise their children, and go find a few other White girls to knock up (while knocking up a few Black girls too, in the process, to keep the internal pool high as well). The White girls, then, and their families have to invest their scarce resources in raising the mulatto children who grow embittered and themselves self-identify as Black, joining the Black community and furthering the same idiotic process at little expense for the Black community and tremendous expense for the White one (especially when affirmative action benefits are tallied).

Another thing too, I hate to mention this because I've always been skeptical about this trope that "Jewish-Americans are pushing miscegenation on us" but... now I wonder if it's true. There's a guy Alon Ziv, a Jewish nationalist apparently. who's written a book, "Breeding between the lines," which makes all sorts of dubious and laughably false claims about how mixed-race kids are much better than one-race kids, and that Whites in the US should cease to exist as a people. He even makes similarly stupid and crass claims about how White women have better orgasms with non-Whites and how their children are somehow "prettier."

Notice that many other Jewish business leaders and media figures (such as Sumner Redstone- born Sumner Rothstein-- head of Viacom and MTV) are pushing the same agenda to dilute out the US White population. (In Israel, of course, miscegenation of any form by Jews with non-Jews-- and especially with Palestinians-- is strictly forbidden.)

There's no longer any use in subscribing to this idiotic political correctness-- there's a significant portion of the US Jewish population that is dedicated to effectively weakening and diluting the White population here, whether through wars for Israel's benefit that kill White kids (Iraq) or through Black-White matings that saddle Whites with all the burdens of raising Black children. It's certainly not all major Jewish figures, maybe not even a majority, but a very large number of powerful Jewish individuals are working against our very survival here in the USA. We have to wake up and halt this.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure Whites even have much of a future in the USA or Canada anymore, not with current immigration, affirmative action and mulatto-ization trends. Some Continental European countries, especially in Central Europe, have revamped their immigration laws and reconnected with their Western roots so much in recent years that they may be much better places to raise our kids. Austria, Denmark, Germany, France (with their recent laws), Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands-- maybe better to spend a couple years learning the language, getting contacts there and emigrating. What's the value in contributing so much to the US project and US culture, if that culture and the government here are effectively dedicated to wiping us out as a people? Better to raise our kids in actual Western societies.

Sadly, even Britain and Australia have come to adopt the viciously anti-White US culture themselves. I'm starting to wonder if what's left of the global White Western civilization in 40 years may be speaking German or perhaps French-- it seems to be disappearing throughout the Anglophone countries.

Laurel1861 said...

Hallo, Ed,

Your comment makes some very cogent points, yet I disagree with the return to Europe idea. Conscious groupings of concerned people of European descent in relatively unobtrusive locations in the U.S. can accomplish the same outcome without sacrificing the good things that I remember of my country.

I continue to feel saddened for the children who suffer the ill consequences of parental foolishness in choice of mates. May our Lord set natural boundaries and healthy sexuality in its proper place (covenant marriage) so that each race may grow in the love of the Lord and become better, not worse nor mixed-up.

God bless,

thankyou said...

I don't think you have a clear idea of uk anti white feeling. If you would like to understand the UK race perspective from a UK based mixed race former foster child who statistically should be totally down and out then you should check out my upcoming book release. my blog is located at and my website is

Laurel1861 said...

Dear Thankyou,

I chose to publish your comment after reading your blog and website, because after reading them I saw that you were honest about the issues which you faced growing up, which I quote below:

"Issues that Michael has had to face in his lifetime include:

Cultural Identity
Financial Hardship
Underachieving at school
Attachment Issues
Life Skills
Building & Maintaining Relationships
Understanding the idea of self"

I commend your efforts to deal with these issues personally and in helping others in the foster care situation.

The fact that you list precisely the things I have noticed in my mixed-race students (most of whom are not in foster care, by the way) reaffirms my observations.

You don't have to tell me about anti-white sentiment anywhere, because I am very aware of it, and deal with it on an ongoing basis. It is sad, and counterproductive for those who harbor those feelings. The words "biting the hand that feeds it" leap immediately to mind.

May our Lord bless you in your healing.

God bless,