Monday, November 13, 2006

I know the writer would not agree with me...

In Smithsonian magazine online ( Ellen Gilchrist, novelist, rhapsodizes about the blissfulness of living and writing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where "...There is a welcoming naturalness to the land, and it is reflected in the people."

Her home of choice, Fayetteville is the ultimate in small towns, where everyone knows everyone else, and the links between lives are marvelously intricate precisely because the town is so small. Previously, she "...had been living in New Orleans, in a world of privilege, and I was never comfortable there. I have lived most of my life in small towns, and I'm in the habit of knowing and talking to everyone."

Her "...ancestors are highland Scots," and the hill country speaks to her. She understands its language and its people because they are so like her.

But the one thing she implies, but does not overtly admit, is that the likeness goes beyond the spiritual resonance to the racial. Small midwest towns cluster groups of us pale folks into comfortable little hives, comfortable because we are so much alike. Fayetteville, with its 84% white, non-Hispanic, population is precisely what the author sought without even knowing she was seeking. The hills of her Scottish ancestors riveted to the small town peace of similar people, like minds; who of us belonging to the same tribe would not find comfort in such an environment?

No wonder she has settled in "'...To Fayetteville, Arkansas,'....'My Paris and my Rome.'"


Scorebored said...

Good one, Laurel. And you're right. We know who we are, and we know who we aren't. It's an unforgivable sin to notice such things these days, but there it is: the truth.

Laurel1861 said...

Scorebored--do you ever feel like the only sighted person at a convention for the blind? I know I do.

How can people not see what is happening around them? What fantasy do they carry in their minds that keeps them from seeing what is really going on around them?

Praise God for true sight, undeniable truth, and the strength to speak out.

Cranston said...


This is a very good post and it reflects one of the things I've felt so appealing in the Midwest-- especially in those German-American and Scandinavian towns in Wisconsin and Minnesota, so full of Nordic hospitality and generosity, much of what makes the culture so appealing is the fact that people know and understand each other on a fundamental level. They're much more willing to reach out and contribute to the greater good since, with such a sense of commonality, they feel a greater bond overall.

I've been to towns throughout Wisconsin where the kids still speak German to each other in the cottages, or occasionally Swedish or Norwegian, where the houses are kept unlocked at night, where a neighbor will go out of his way to help a stranger in need on another block of the town. It's no accident that those places also tend to be overwhelmingly White.

I'll add something else, since I noticed another commenter making this point here and I've seen this theme echoed with increasing frequency these days-- the possibility of setting up shop in similarly strong European towns in Europe.

I used to have very mixed feelings about this. But now, to be honest, I think it has to be one component of our survival as a people-- certainly not the only one, but an essential one. The reason: Those wonderful, pleasant and overwhelmingly White towns I mentioned above? In the past 5 years alone, due directly to US government policy and the intensely White-hating popular culture we have here, they're losing that feature.

I attended college in Minnesota, in a heavily German-American region, and when I returned there to visit a few months ago, around Rochester, I was utterly shocked-- it had basically become a foreign outpost of Somalia! Same with quite a few other towns in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa-- it's become US government policy to settle these millions of Somalis, Sudanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Zimbabweans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Thais and other non-Whites in these formerly White towns to increase "diversity." White solidarity anywhere in the US, you see, is unacceptable to our cultural dictators, and they make sure to destroy it wherever they can find it.

I once worked in Arizona, and I left the state (as did most of my co-workers based in California and New Mexico) in part because these are no longer European-American states. They are the newest colonies of the Global South, and it's hard to find a White face anywhere in those schools.

I thought I could find White solidarity elsewhere in the US, but it's become increasingly hard to find-- the authorities and the pro-miscegenation cultural arbiters of the USA are making sure they blanket every town and city in the USA with their assault. At a youth council meeting where I was a participant, one of the adolescent girls admitted to all her friends that today, it "wasn't cool" for her or her White friends to date, let alone have kids with a White guy. OTOH, White girls who brought a Black mulatto child into school for daycare (with the father often having moved on to another girl) had more "cred". This wasn't in multi-culti cesspools like Los Angeles, Chicago or Phoenix-- it was in the heart of Texas, in a not-so-large and formerly very White town where the MTV values of "Big Daddy" Sumner Redstone (aka Murray Rothstein) had come to dominate the scene.

I still think there are reasons to be hopeful for parts of the US, but we're losing more and more ground every day. What I foresee is that, unfortunately, the country won't be holding together-- it's only if we escape this imperialist monster that our government and media leaders have become, that we can preserve what little we have left of White society in the US. That's why I think the second, complementary option of settling in Europe remains important.

I consider this a secondary, not primary option but we have to keep it open and encourage it at least for some of us. I have taken vacations to the heartlands of some parts of Europe, and in Central (Rhenish/Alpine) Europe and most of German Europe at least, there really is a difference-- people are resistant to this cultural poison there, and the countries are much more solidly and determinedly White. These regions are, after all, our homelands, and they in particular must absolutely remain that way.

So IOW, we need both. So long as these once-wonderful, warm White Midwestern, Rocky Mountain and Southern towns remain within the imperial monstrosity that the US has become, their existence as White regions is threatened and progressively eroded. We need to solidify our White homelands here in the US, and also for some of us to set up again in our ancestral homelands in Central Europe. Both must be secured-- and for the US as a whole, unfortunately, it's too late. Only a portion of this no-longer-great nation can be reclaimed-- in only 25 years, the majority in this country will be non-White, and if we are trapped here, we will cease to be a Western nation.

Laurel1861 said...

False compassion has transplanted refugees (economic, religious, or political) in cities whose ethnicities, cultures, and climates do not echo those of the refugee's native lands.

Real compassion would focus on finding the country most similar (but safer and more compassionate) to that of the refugees' homeland and transplanting refugees there.

And if there are no countries like that, what does that say? Are Europe and America the only compassionate places in the world? I would hope not, but wouldn't be surprised if they were.

Whether our government puts these foreigners in the midst of white dominated cities and towns to destroy white culture is one idea. But sometimes I think it is more that government agencies have good intentions, are incredibly stupid, and don't think about the consequences of their actions. The consequences arrive with unintentional actions just the same as if the destructiveness was intentional.

I personally prefer the option of staying here within my homeland and congregating with other white refugees here. Emigrating to Europe is, of course, a possibility for those of us so inclined.

On another thought, you are correct about how white culture has been destroyed by ghetto culture, which has become the dominant popular culture.

As parents, or future parents, we must take control of the use of media in our homes. Just because it's piped in via cable tv or iTunes doesn't mean your family has to listen to it.

Wishing for a cohesive small town, I remain,