Saturday, November 11, 2006

Once more, you gotta love those Swedes!

"Christer Fuglesang, who is set to become the first Swedish astronaut to embark on a space mission next month, said Thursday he will bring a decidedly Scandinavian flavor to the food menu aboard the International Space Station."

What will Christer bring for the Christmas meal? "
...dried moose meat, crisp bread and gingerbread cookies, a Christmas favorite in Sweden."

Now I happen to like crisp bread, especially the kind that comes in big round wheels and stays fresh forever, but dried moose meat? Give me a break! Even my Swedish grandmother never suggested that at Christmastide. And of course gingerbread cookies are a clear favorite over the traditional brick of dried out fruitcake.

Dried moose meat. Harumph. He might just as well have offered lutefisk.