Friday, January 20, 2006

EPIC: a frightening possibility

A friend sent this link to me. It's a little video, and I don't know whether this is likely to happen or not, but my goodness, it's creepy; all the more so because it has a grain of plausibility to it.

***************************from the website *************************

In the year 2014, The New York Times has gone offline.

The Fourth Estate's fortunes have waned.

What happened to the news?

And what is EPIC?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Those Little White Window Stickers

I'm sure you all know which ones I mean. The ones on the back of the very large window of that SUV or van that have a white vinyl daddy and a mommy and kids, pets, etc., all represented accurately by gender if not by personal likeness. Sometimes you see the little white vinyl Calvin kneeling at the Cross sticker, only it's the modern boy-with-imagination Calvin, not the great Reformer.

I usually find them mildly reassuring (except for the ones that have boy-with-imagination Calvin peeing on La Migra), especially when the Cross ones are combined with those of a dad and mom plus a healthy number of little boys and girls lined up side by side. Even more reassuring when I pass the van and the mom and dad look a lot like members of my family, if you know what I mean.

But sometimes the sight is a little more disturbing, and today's just iced the cake. I was heading over to the post office to mail off a package and was stuck right behind the most massive, lichen green Expedition I'd ever seen. I swear it was twice the size of any monster SUV in the world and screamed domesticity and car pool from every wheel well.

Then I looked at the little white window stickers, of which there were a multitude. A Cowboy Calvin knelt at the foot of the Cross. Well, that's OK, I like country music myself, I thought. Then I glanced over at the family stickers. Daddy. All right there. Mama. Yee-ha! Curly-headed little girl. Cute! cat...then cat. Hmm. Well, I like kitties. But where were the other children?

Wait! More stickers! Dog...then dog...then dog. Not so encouraging, and there were still stickers to be examined. In fact, the stickers streamed all the way across the back window of that oversized monster of an SUV.

The next sticker was a HORSE. Then another horse. Following those were two birds, in formation, one after the other.

I could only thank heaven those folks could only afford two horses, because if they could they'd have to buy another SUV in order to have enough little white window sticker space.

But something was really wrong with that window display, and I know I am getting up on my soapbox here, but y'all will put up with me, won't you? You've been good that way before, so bear with me, OK?

It's fine to love animals. I grew up around animals, and except for one ornery rooster I have fond memories of most of them. I would go back into a burning building to grab my cat and get her the heck out of there. But I KNOW she's not human, much as I love her.

There's something wrong with elevating animals to the status of children, and of having more of them than you have kids. Animals aren't human, and they won't help build back the ground we as a people have lost. They won't live long enough to see you through to your old age, and, while they won't steal your social security check, they won't read Little Geneva Report out loud to you once your eyesight is gone. (Of course, progeny who read Little Geneva Report out loud to you once your eyesight is gone aren't the kind of folks that steal social security checks anyhow.)

When people become less important than pets, we're in some serious trouble, folks. Because when we shuffle off this mortal coil and all that is left behind is a menagerie, there goes Western civ. Horses don't read Shakespeare. Cats don't imitate Bouguereau, although I've heard tell of one that paints...abstract art, of course. And what is a dog without a master to love? Only an animal that hunts in packs. Don't even mention birds...that rooster was a real no 'count.

I believe in Occidental culture. The Western world and civilization is worth preserving. For those of us of fertile years, that means producing enough people capable of appreciating what is has to offer to keep the whole thing going and create more of that culture. Then loving the munchkins enough to educate them about the best our civilization had produced, and training those kids to behave like the kind of people God requires us to be. Besides, children come with bonuses like hugs (and future grandkids).

So I'm grateful for the ample size of the vans, station wagons, and SUVs I see lined up at my church on Sundays. And I know that when I look at those back windows I'm not going to see one lone curly-headed vinyl urchin and a passel of pets, but a robust string of progeny, many arrows in the quivers God has given us.

"Nuff said. I'm off my soapbox now.

God bless,