Sunday, March 18, 2007

Can't speak as to the comments, but...

Amen to the column by Mary Grabar entitled "How Black and White Elites Benefit from Slavery."


Scorebored said...

The article did make some good points (and thank you for linking to it). And as you intimated, the reader comments were, well, stupefyingly stupid. I noted that no one seems to pick up on the fact that Negroes in America have THE most slavelike mentality one is likely to encounter anywhere in this world. They still need a "massa" to feed, house, clothe, educate, and indoctrinate them. The massa doesn't wear a planter's hat and string tie, however. He is adorned with big granite monuments in that little town called Sodom-on-Potomac.

Laurel1861 said...

Amen to your comments, Brother Scorebored.

The comments on the original column were indeed inane. I thought of posting one and thought, "Nah, don't want to be seen in such company."

I do think that the white and black elites who benefit most from the legacy of slavery have a vested interest in keeping the lower end blacks in a slave mentality and firmly encamped in the Gimmee Plantation. It gives them an excuse to exercise power on their behalf and thus stroke their own egos.

After all, if they were doing well, what excuse would they have to use their "altruistic" power?