Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thanks a Lot -- NOT! Or How to Teach Kids to Say "Nappy-Headed Ho"

This mess all got started with some very bad manners on the part of shock jock Don Imus. Surely his mama tried to impress on him that you don't call people names, especially not in a public forum! And maybe he didn't listen to his mama, but he should have, you know. Mamas have a great deal of wisdom that way.

Well, that was where this mess got started, but I can tell you for a fact that it's not going to end there. The exaggeration of the offense by the usual race profiteers and the constant repetition of the phrase in every single outlet of the mainstream media can have only one effect. All those wide-eyed little (and not-so-little) beings who are being baby-sat by the tube while their mother works at a low-wage job to "fulfill" herself are sucking that phrase into their vocabulary faster than you can say jiminy cricket. And, of course, jiminy cricket is not the phrase that's going to come popping out of their mouths next time they feel wronged by sibling, pal, or bully.

I'm not even sure the gender of the pre-pubescent perpetrator of pain will matter. The phrase is too good of an insult to make it gender or even ethnicity specific, really!

Little Billie (gender non-specific!), Black, White, Latino, Asian, you-name-the-eth, will spit the phrase out with remarkable venom at the target of choice, Black, White, Latino, Asian, you name-the-eth. "Give me back my toy, you nappy-headed ho!" "Stop hitting me, you nappy-headed ho!" "Mom! Jo-jo's being a nappy-headed ho! Make him stop!"

You express surprise? Shock?

Remember, these children are too young, for the most part, to really understand what they are saying; they parrot rude phrases precisely because of the reaction they see in the listener. They don't care whether the perpetrator of pain is indeed a nappy-headed ho or not! They have no clue what a girls' basketball team is, or what a college named Rutgers is, or even what the very real differences between the races are. What they want, what they lust after in their sin-filled, childish hearts, is the wide-eyed reaction from the adult in the area.

Gotcha! They smirk, and watch the grown-up explode.

So don't expect that Don Imus' expulsion from that public forum called radio is going to be the last time you hear the phrase "nappy-headed ho". Look for it in the family hour at home!


...My Brothers' Keeper said...

Children pick up on a great deal. Maybe this whole episode will teach them not to upset the black "community" lest they become targets of negroes and lose their sponsorships and syndications.

I hear my kid using that foul, nigger language and I'll slap the mouth off of his face.

Laurel1861 said... brothers' keeper!

What! Corporal punishment! How very non-PC of you!


Truly, however, I am glad you care about the words your children speak. They are a reflection of your home, and of their People, and should be chosen carefully, not picked up from the lamestream media.

God bless,

...My Brothers' Keeper said...

All we can do, Laurel, is raise our children to be like our Fathers. Although it seems to come natural for most, perversity is learned, and with enough discipline it can be unlearned.

I smell a new posting...

...My Brothers' Keeper said...

...and "lamestream", clever. May I use that?

Laurel1861 said...

Sure, you can use lamestream...I think it's already in the public domain, because I heard it somewhere.

Unlearning that anything like unlearning diversity?

Gotta laugh sometime!

GRITS(GirlRaisedInTheSouth) said...

You are not kidding about how that phrase just perversely rolls so deliciously off the tongue! At the dinner table after the children had all been excused, I asked my husband if he'd heard about the Imus ruckus, and I quoted Imus' offending phrase in a low voice. Two seconds later I heard a little voice saying "nappy-headed -" and he was stopped right there, but it happened so fast!

Laurel1861 said...

Amazing the capabilities of the young'uns to know just how to jerk a parent's chain! Now if they only used that learning ability for their schoolwork...

And, boy, does that phrase roll off the tongue easily.

GRITS(GirlRaisedInTheSouth) said...

"Lamestream," ha! That's as funny as "mainscream media!"