Monday, July 09, 2007

My Father's Face

My father’s face is ravaged
Too much sun
Too many years
That English skin,
That broken nose
(There is a reason
For catchers masks,
You know).
But if you’d seen him
As I’d seen him
Handsome as the daybreak
And mine,
My Daddy,
Above all
The finest
You could not understand
How time could work
Indignities so brash
And unrestrained
To rob his morning of its grace
And leave this desolation
In its place.
The endlessly moving fingers
Picking at his face,
As if by peeling cancer’s flakes
His youth could be freed
From beneath his aches.
Oh, Father, Daddy,
Pappa Mine,
The raw teeth of the rake of time
Have drawn themselves
Across your mind
Hurts unforgiving
The livid scars of too much living.
Ravaged face
And ravaged mind
But I am traveling back in time
And there I find
The pencil mustache,
Sarcasm’s spark,
The hazel eyes more green than brown
Your hair so thin and fine as down
And there
I mark
The golden light of youth
Against the future dark.


ehud would said...

Breathtaking Laurel. Truely.

Laurel1861 said...

Thank you, Ehud.

I appreciate your work very much as well.

God bless,

ehud would said...

By the way Laurel, when is the Kinist Review to be made available for purchase?

doctrine wars said...
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