Saturday, September 01, 2007

Somehow I managed to miss this news report...

...back in July. But it's worth watching, and heeding the unspoken message: if there wasn't a market for drugs in this country, there wouldn't be drug cartels jockeying for our "business". White Americans, I am talking to you. Shake the drug habit and take the power away from these low-lifes.


GRITS(GirlRasisedInTheSouth) said...

Would there be so many drugs to be had if the US government weren't aiding the import/manufacture/growing of the stuff? What color are most of those guys? (I'm not baiting you, Laurel; this has bothered me awhile.....)

Laurel1861 said...

Who knows? I do know there would be no drugs in the U.S. if there weren't U.S. citizens who purchased the stuff. I like to work on the tack of reducing demand among our own kind for all things that destroy us.

We have no control over many things in our environment. We do have control over what we ourselves do, as God wills it.

God bless, and good to hear from you again,