Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Murdered Because They Were White--Murdered Again by The Local Police

British police destroy murder memorial.


TG said...


It seems the video is no longer available for viewing. Maybe it can be found at another site?

Laurel1861 said...

Found another posting of it. I tried to look at the first poster's videos, and all have been removed due to "violation of service agreement", which is too bad, as he had material one could not find elsewhere.

God bless,

TG said...

Laurel, thanz for providing the video. If the events documented in that film weren't real, I'd swear they were a fictional portrayal of a nightmare. How very eerie it was when the police arrived and removed the displays.

May God help us all,

Laurel1861 said...

I could hardly believe it myself. And it IS a nightmare. That those of our own kind could betray us so thoroughly...

Truly, the times are evil.

God bless us in the midst of these evil times.