Thursday, December 06, 2007

But I know that only 50% of Swedes are blondes...

Here's one of those "strange maps". It shows the distribution of light-haired people in Europe. But even in my own mother's family, as Swedish as Swedish gets, out of the many siblings there was an even 50/50 split between blondes and those with light to medium brown hair. Sigh. Unfortunately, Mom got the darker hair, and passed it on.

214 - The Blonde Map of Europe


ehud would said...

Y'know Laurel, my wife and I joke about our heritage being "N.W. European" or "Germano-Celtic" because she's Swedish, Norwegian, Welsh & Scottish while I'm German, Danish & Scots-Irish. She's Brunnette with brown eyes and I'm a blue-eyed toe-head. Our kids are an even split too. As a family, we look like northern Scots (as they have such a heavy influence of Scandinavian blood).

Despite the occassional territorial dispute, Celts and Germanics have always been in close association to one another and easily interwoven. Romanics on the other hand don't seem to fit as seemlessly; case in point: The more Germanic northern Italy wants desperately to break away from southern Italy-- they actually feel more continuity with Germans, Swiss or Austrians than with their Latinate Italian countrymen! But I think that's one of the big observations we can take from the 'Blond Map'-- that we can see greater familial characteristics move in a mercurial fashion cross-borders in amongst the European countries. While I agree with Kuyper and Chesterton that there are primarilly only three tribes in Europe (Germanic, Celtic & Romanic) its clear that tribal traits such as hair color be not bound by the current borders between countries. It seems rather that parochialism influences mating habits more than do flags or passports.

Laurel1861 said...

While this may seem only distantly related to the topic, in recent years they have discovered many Viking "treasure hoards" containing coins of realms as far away geographically from Scandinavia as what comprises the modern-day Balkans.

This, I think, points to adventuring among us Northerners,and with adventuring comes exposures to European females of attractive features, thus explaining the blond distribution, perhaps...

The wives at home up in the north 40 would share similar physical characteristics with their mates, ergo, the concentration of blonds.

Of course, this is all very obvious stuff.

What I really want to know is why my mom got the brown hair and her sisters the blond. Sigh.

God bless,

Anonymous said...


There's always Miss Clairol.


Worked for my French-Irish mother, and my Scandinavian wife.
But, because I DID marry a blond, my children's hair is noticably lighter.

Now, if I can just find a good, healthy 'Aryan' Scandic for my kids for an arranged marriage....

-Fr. John