Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sin and Human Moral Failings

Our good friends over at Majority Rights have linked to an amazing animation of Hieronymous Bosch's work. It will make you think once, twice, or thrice about how you live. (Beware: not for the faint of heart!)

Sin and Human Moral Failings

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smart Women, Small Families?

Perhaps I am overstepping my bounds here; but it seems to me that it is healthy for society as a whole for the more intelligent Christian women, the ones who would make the best home educators and produce intelligent, well-behaved (as far as sinners can be well-behaved), and thoroughly Christian children, to have the largest families.

I realize I am throwing sand into the wind here, and some of it is bound to fly back into my face. I mean no insult to Christian women of average or lower than average intelligence, we will all be present in the Lord one day. We can all, by following the Bible's leading, produce well-behaved, thoroughly Christian children. However, to build a working Christian society we need as many intelligent, well-behaved, thoroughly Christian people as we can produce.

Feminism has influenced the options held out to young Christian women of high intelligence. In a Christian school that I am particularly familiar with the career of wife and mother was never once held out as an option for the girls, especially those who maintained straight A's and scored highly on standardized tests. The array of colleges and careers was paraded in front of them as if that was all there was for them to consider. And consider them they did; following through even unto grad school.

But then what? Do these young ladies enjoy a plethora of marriage offers or a plethora of job offers? The latter, I am afraid. But that's good, some of you are saying. They may have to contribute to their family's support one day; they may need the intellectual stimulation of a career; the economy is going to the dogs (no insult to canines intended); divorce is endemic, even in the Christian community, so they must be prepared for self-support.

And that's it. The same old arguments that imply that Christians must adhere to the standards that others, in this case, feminists, hold up. Seldom does one see encouragement to build society in the most foundational of ways. Even the available young men act as if these girls are Vestal Virgins; untouchable for three periods of ten years each, ten as student, ten in service, then ten as teachers. In Roman tradition, after that the Vestal Virgins could marry.

But thirty years down the road, when careers are fully developed and a woman might be willing to be married, her body may not be willing to give her even one of the desired children.

So what is the alternative? Does the intelligent Christian girl swear off family life for the feminist virgin model?

I say no to the dedication of these girls to a lifetime of sacrifice to the model of this world. At some point Christians must realize that they cut off the life of their own community when they keep fine young women from considering marriage and family as a primary occupation. The management of the household and the education of its children are a challenging field and must be addressed within Christian education, both in homeschools and Christian schools. And our brain trust children, male and female, should be introduced to each other and encouraged at least to get to know each other. With God's good grace and providence, love could take hold, marriages take place, and God's Kingdom on earth be promoted.

After all, we pray "Thy Kingdom come"; let us act in concert with our prayer.