Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lovely Paintings by John White Alexander

Beautifully styled symbolist paintings of ladies by John White Alexander. A few have mildly risque shoulder exposure; most emphasize almost abstract concepts of beauty rather than individual personality. The overall impression is of the loveliness of the American woman of the late Victorian age.


S. C. Mooney said...

Thanks for presenting this marvelous collection. Viewing these paintings with the accompanying music brought to mind the scene in "The Sound of Music" when Georg just had chased away the telegram boy, who had been throwing pebbles at his daughter's window. Thereupon Georg was gazing out over the grounds in a deep melancholy. The Baroness attempted to connect with him, saying, "You're far away; where are you?" He answered, not averting his gaze, "In a world that's disappearing, I'm afraid."