Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Body Modification: Yeah, So What?

Thanks to the "artists" at Motivational Posters for the Emerging Free-for-All for this perfect example of what that simple little nose piercing can eventually lead to.


Faust said...


In the 1950's even ear piercing was looked on as something not good by many mainstream Americans. I recall reading an article a few years back about a girl who got brain fungus from getting her tongue pieced(I liked the comment someone left suggesting maybe it could have been the other way around). In the last college class I took I was sitting next to a young non-lady who was holding her breast complaining that her nipples hurt, she had gotten them pieced that weekend and you could see the rings under her thin t-shirt. Is that gross or what!

And well... people are getting other body parts pieced, that I would rather not think about... ouch!

Michael said...

Ha ha, so true. Body morphists aren't looking so cool or original or smart now. They all look like victims.