Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks...

...then watch this video and wonder: How many of the things the family gives thanks for are still present in our current United States?

Thank you, Lord, for your presence even when our times are no longer so pristinely American.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Lofland- Thank you for posting this. I cried tears of remembrance for my sainted mother, and hard-working father who were such common folk as these actors portrayed, and remembering what America USED to be, I have now been given strength to fight the fight to restore it again, if on a lesser field, or a smaller footprint; but to FIGHT for the country our European, Christian ancestors bequeathed to us, never to forget what they endured, to give to their posterity - White Christians- the blessings of a free land. God Bless you.

- Fr. John