Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daniel Hannan MEP to Gordon Brown: You are the devalued Prime Minister of a devalued Government

This video is quite remarkable for the sheer force and conviction of the speaker's indictment of Gordon Brown's failure to save the British economy. I predict Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament, will be the man to watch in Europe during the upcoming months.

That being said, watching speeches as I have of late, it would seem to me that Barack Obama was elected on the basis of his sonorous voice (on top of the layers of nice sounding BS he delivered in his speeches), whereas Ron Paul, who had oodles of real content in his speeches, was ignored on the basis of his voice, which can be squeaky when he feels passionately about an issue. Has anyone else noticed this? Regarding Daniel Hannan's voice, this European politician's delivery is crisp, clean, and delivered with impeccable diction.

Is that really it? Do we elect presidents on the basis of their voices?

But I digress. Here's the video.


Anonymous said...

Dear Laurel, woman of God:

Unfortunately, much of what you say is true. It used to be that a common dialect for radio and then TV was cultivated among aspiring public speakers, both to eliminate certain regional annoyances (the Jewish/Yiddish influenced 'Brooklynese', for example) and to give a sense of solidarity to whomever was speaking.

This 'common dialect' had the bizarre name of SWINE- Standard White Inland Northern English.

So, we see again, our ancestors knew much more than we did. If a person does not speak like that, our ears tell us he is 'not one of us', even when we can see, by our eyes, that 'He is not one of US' - I speak of the current occupant of the 'White' House, to use the term loosely.

How much have we lost thereby, when style usurps substance. Would to God that we had a man with Ron Paul's intellect, and Barry Soetoro's sonorousness, which is about all I feel he has going for him.

- Fr. john

Laurel Loflund said...

Hmmm. I will pitch in 50 cents to buy speech lessons for Ron Paul if you will pitch in 50 cents!

I was aware of the desired tonalities for TV personalities; however, for me when the language is devoid of regional variation, it is devoid of charm.

I love that Texas twang, and the sweet Southern drawl.

Brooklynese I can live without.

I honestly believe voters were mesmerized by Obama's voice, and forgot to ask some real basic questions, like "Change? From what, to what?"

God bless,