Thursday, July 02, 2009

Two Trillion Tons, sung by the ghost of Tennessee Ernie Ford

Funny stuff, but frighteningly close to the truth.


Rand said...

Pretty much all Americans care about is the economy even though America is experiencing a massive demographic revolution. The Census reports that 47 percent of all children under five years old are minority. It also reports that 44 percent of all children under 18 are minority.

If the economy ever truly sinks, what will Americans have then?

Laurel Loflund said...

This is an ongoing problem, Rand, and nothing new. It's just that the government is finally recognizing it.

I haven't had time to write as much lately as I used to, but some of the earlier posts on this blog might be of interest to you.

God bless,

Rand said...

Yes, I know that it is an ongoing problem and nothing new. Also, I know that you have covered the issue extensively so I wasn’t being critical of you. Instead, I was merely making the simple observation that for most Americans it’s all about the economy. Hardly anyone even pauses to think about demographic transformation or mass immigration.

Laurel Loflund said...

You are 100% correct!

Most people spend their lives in a protected state--they don't live in minority dominated neighborhoods, so they don't encounter the changes directly. After all, if one goes from a protected workplace to a protected subdivision and only observes "diversity" from a distance, one could indeed draw the conclusion that diversity makes things more colorful (literally and figuratively).

One would, of course, be wrong.

It's nice to make your acquaintance, Rand. I don't recall you posting comments on my blog in the past, hope you will continue to comment in the future.

Rand said...

I’m not really the type who likes to comment regularly on internet blogs. I prefer to discuss things face-to-face in the real world. It’s just a whole lot better when you can actually see the person you are talking to. Also, it’s nice not to have to use a pseudonym.

That being said, you have an interesting blog, Laurel Loflund. I only stumbled across it just now but I will make sure to check back in the future to see what you have posted.

Laurel Loflund said...

Thanks, Rand. Y'all mosey on back here some time, y'hear?