Friday, August 07, 2009

White People "Make More Babies"

An honest commentator on Fox News? I'm surprised to see this kind of commentary there.


Frank said...

I never thought I'd see something like that on FOX.

Laurel Loflund said...

Mind boggling, I know...makes me want to watch this guy's show sometime.

DJ said...

Hi Laurel,

What date was that youtube video made? I can remember a couple of years ago watching John on his daily 5:00 PM ET show saying that very thing. I said to my wife: It won't be long before they replace him for uttering such unPC heresy. Sure enough, I was right. Within a few weeks he was off the air. And it wasn't due to poor ratings either.

On issues of pro-white interests, Fox News is "Unfair and Slanted".

Laurel Loflund said...

Hey, DJ...

The youtube video's posting date was March 14, 2008. Lord knows when it was broadcast.

John Gibson is still on Fox Radio, and you can subscribe to the first hour of the three hour show as a podcast here:

The full three hour podcast is available as a paid subscription.

Whether he's still telling the truth is another thing. Haven't yet listened to the show, but will try it out.

Of course, he's NOT The Political Cesspool...very few shows are that good!