Thursday, September 10, 2009

How White Skin Solves all Asia (part 4--The End)

All evil can be vanquished and true love found...if one's skin is white enough.

How White Skin Solves all Asia (part 3)

Perhaps if Americans all used Ponds Flawless White, it would truly become a "post-racial" society?

How White Skin Solves all Asia (part 2)

Ponds has the answer to complex societal's all about the skin...

How White Skin Solves all Asia (part 1)

This is an ad, believe it or not.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Van Jones: Only Suburban White Kids Shoot Up Schools

Note: Had to replace this video as the original was removed from YouTube. I'm not familiar with "Defend Glenn" and am simply posting the video, not implying any endorsement of this user's political positions.

Van Jones gets one thing right in this video. Many young White Men lack strong, loving male leadership. Of course, he won't say it, but they need strong, loving WHITE male leadership. I pray that many of my readers are already stepping up to the plate to provide this.

The rest of this speech is full of garbage. The thing about the black kid shooting another black is actually pretty funny. Supposedly he doesn't shoot up the whole school like a White male would, he just shoots one person. This goes against any objective analysis that looks at longitudinal, rather than situational, data. Repeat offenders can take out as many as a Columbine style event, and there are plenty of repeat offenders in the Black community.

For that matter, why are they shooting anybody at all?