Friday, January 22, 2010

Hope this shows up readably...

Because it's pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

As many Indians have at least some 'Aryan' blood in them, and the British model seemed to 'stick' more with them than the American model did with Negroes, perhaps this would not be such a bad idea after all, for the remainder of the Obamanation's term.

ANYTHING would be better.

- Fr. John

Anonymous said...

"Indians" are a diverse lot. That's almost like saying "American" and choosing a random person from the US.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent suggestion for reducing the debt.

Though I'm concerned the replacement would have an Indian accent...


nitin sharma said...

certainly USA faced .... loads of troubles in last few years..... first the 9/11 terrorist attack then IRAQ invasion and d recent financial crisis. obviously the fact that US people are losing jobs to other countries specially India seems unfortunate.

But looking at the another side of the coin ICONIC AMERICAN brands like pepsi n Coke wiped india cola brands in an instant....... did indian lost job there .....Yes sir they certainly did.
Union carbide.... did not maintained their plants in Bhopal (Yet another small indian city)properly , Gas leaked out .... thousand died ..... But who cares .... certainly not the US corporates..... why they should after all India is yet another country in Asia where Life is less significant then that of Americans. Infact i am really impressed by the LIBERATOR America....... you folks did commendable job in NAM,IRAQ and Afganistan...... n doesnt matter if few millions lost their lives.... USA does have a right to decide who lives and who does not.


(An Indian NOT working for an outsourcing firm)

Laurel Loflund said...

Mr. Sharma: In your comment I see so much dissatisfaction/frustration with the loss of your traditional culture and society. Many of us feel the same way about the loss of our traditional society and culture. At this point in history I don't feel it will be easy to change the corporatism (not capitalism in its original form) that rules our world; in fact, I'm not sure that is possible.

Still, those of us who feel keenly the loss of our traditional societies can work hard to rebuild them, starting with our families and our businesses. We can also purchase our necessary items from people like us, our groceries, locally grown items if at all possible.

I posted that "article" as a humorous piece, as it seems on this side of the pond that so many of our decent jobs are being outsourced; India is only one place where this is occurring.

We are all working long hours, at least those of us who still have jobs. Do I hate Indians who work hard? No, I simply believe that Indians should work for India, in India, just as Americans should work for America, in America.

I've chosen to place my own anger and frustration into positive actions to rebuild White American society. You can do that for your own society as well.

India for Indians; Kenya for Kenyans; Bolivia for Bolivians; White America for White Americans.

God bless you in your efforts,

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is; if I call the new 1-800 number to the "white house" will I understand the guy on the other end?