Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something to Think Upon

I submit that no one would believe that just because a person loves his or her own family he or she must necessarily mean ill to other families.

Yet every day we see evidence that this idea is applied to people who love their own race. It is assumed that if a White person loves their own kind they must necessarily mean ill to other races.

I submit that this is a false assumption and one designed to destroy any kind of confidence, cohesiveness, and loyalty among European-Americans.


Faust said...

You are very Right!

“And this anti-racism will be for the twenty-first century what communism was for the twentieth century: a source of violence.”-Alain Finkelkraut

Wheeler MacPherson said...

I think you're right, Laurel.

As "Horus" has said before, the best way to address these things is with "talking points." Not arguing, not debating. Just making a concise point that stops the conversation.

For example, when one is accused of being a racist because of one's love of one's own kin and kind, one should respond like this: "That's your opinion. You're only saying that because I'm white. 'Anti-racist' is code for 'anti-white'." If the person persists in the attack, simply repeat those three terse sentences.You're not attacking in return; you're only making a brief point. And those in the vicinity - even if they're hostile to your message - will hear what you're saying. You will be heard.

Laurel Loflund said...
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Laurel Loflund said...

Sorry, deleted the other post due to a minor spelling error that would bug me forever if I left it in.

I was considering asking opponents about their families, then making the logical follow-up argument, Wheeler. But Horus' idea is good as well.

Arguing does indeed sometimes turn into just another opportunity to beat a White person up.

Faust, you've seen video of anti-racist demonstrations. They are by their very nature not supportive of the betterment of the races they supposedly seek to help, but rather destructive of those Whites who love their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Google St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves Lavra, and his saying on 'Love your enemies."

I think, that in this day and age, when we can SEE the philosophical nature of the non-White, non-Christian, we can no longer preach a 'gentle Jesus, meek and Mild' when we should be pruning our plowshares into swords- which image, ALSO is in the Scripture as well.

I disagree. Our desire to believe that altruism is an inborn trait of non-Anglos, and non-Europeans, is why we are IN the mess we are in! Please, just as you are exploring the virile side of Calvinism, don't lapse into some variant of the Roman filioquist 'universal jurisdiction/ universalism' paradigm.....

-Fr. John

Faust said...

Fr. John,

Some good points. I do think altruism is a basic part of the nature of Europeans. But living by the Golden Rule does not mean you have have to let savages kill you and your children. People in the 1800's seemed to understand this better