Sunday, February 06, 2011

Where to Stay on Business? Anywhere but a Sheraton.

Caving in to craven racial politics in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Sheraton Hotel canceled its contract with the American Renaissance organization for its yearly convention, leaving speakers and attendees up a creek. Fortunately, some free speech partisans managed to hold a smaller conference, venue unnamed, now called the American Dark Ages Conference.

This kowtowing to special interests did not end with the canceling of the 2011 AmRen Conference. Oh, no!

In Minneapolis this April at the Sheraton Bloomington a conference called “White Privilege” will be held, run by a Left-wing professor from the University of Colorado named Abby Farber.

Guess “White Privilege” does not include free speech, or the right to rent a facility to discuss serious issues in a refined and intellectual manner.

I have stayed at Sheraton hotels many times; I will no longer stay at any Sheraton world-wide, nor will I recommend their facilities to business travelers I know.

Where to Stay on Business?

Anywhere but a Sheraton.